Seeds Industry is one of the most vital industries that has affects productivity. Since its establishment in 1990, seeds and bulbs has been of special concern at Cham Gota Seeds. The company began its work focusing on local species of vegetable seeds in addition to some grain and fodder crops, and flower seeds-bulbs. We had also some foreign inputs, especially of flower seeds, in order to diversify products and to satisfy the needs of markets and consumers at a time.
The company wasted no time before striding towards developing local species and introducing upgrading schemes to attain best levels and standards in seed industry. We worked for improving and fixing of specifications of progenies of: Humsi eggplant; local black eggplant; Hamwi emerald eggplant; Hindi short white eggplant; Hindi long white eggplant, (with fixing its marketable specifications that is beginning to enter consumers' menu, for they demanding more seeds to better know this vegetable and in order to use it as an accessory to traditional vegetables. This is especially visible in the case of foods and pickles industry); local eggplant-like pumpkin that has high productivity and high marketing advantages; okra; beans; green beans and Egyptian shake cucumber; in addition to other crops.

Leading steps in seed industry:
1. collection of different plant species:
Availability of plant species is considered to be one of the most important pillars in breeding schemes. The technical department in cham gota seed Company undertakes collecting many introduced and local genetic types, put them to experimentation, increasing them and identifying of specifications of every genetic race in order to investigate possibility of improving and derivation.
Since 2002, we collected samples of parsley, spinach (oum shokeh), spinach (kredieh), white green beans with black spot , white green beans with brown spot, red green beans (Maltese), wide pod creeper beans (brown grain), wide pod creeper beans (white grain), ground beans with cylindrical pods, ground beans with wide pods, white grain corn, monthly radish, big Humsi radish, Maltese broad beans with big pods and velvet grain, broad beans with small pods and brownish grain colour (known as local or Cyprus broad beans), Pease, chard, onion, carrot, coriander, white popcorn, yellow popcorn, crimson popcorn, colored popcorn, egg plant like pumpkin, cubic yellow pepper, rectangular yellow pepper, rectangular yellow pepper with thin walls (baladiah), hot long pepper (Karn al-ghazal), long tomatoes, Rose big tomatoes (baladiah), cherry rootstocks tomatoes, water melon (seeds consumed by humans), rootstocks of water melon are tollergnrto soil diseases, short okra (baladiah), short pod okra with pods colored in red and green, yellow sweet corn, white sweet corn, Corn with white grain, fodder sorghum, fodder sandglass, fodder Perl millet , peppermint, etc.

2. implementation of species production schemes:
We produce improved species of green peas, green beans, parsley, radish, spinach, beans, peppergrass and broad beans, etc; in addition to synthetic hybrids of sweet corn, and corn. This is done according to highest scientific standards under close supervision by specialized staff with very long experience in breeding, deriving, improving plant species using different ways according to individual characteristics of plants in terms of flowering and pollination. In self pollination plants, selection is used for individual plants, or they can be selected in every generation when plants of same generation are to be considered as a whole, in case absence of genetic differences is secured. However, when dealing with open pollination crops, classic breeding methodes are used; that is continuous self breeding of species after which they are subjected to different genetic tests before being hybridized in cross male lines and under specific conditions that can be controlled.

3. Registration of varieties
This is done by means of approaching relevant authorities and providing an application for test and registration of species, accompanied with relevant technical specifications and quantity of seeds necessary for tests.

4. Implementation of large scale trials
Experiments are done at farmers fields to make then acquainted to varieties and knowledgeable with their marketing properties, in addition to providing appropriate applicable recommendations for every varieties.

5. Preservation of purity of varieties (genetic purity):
The purpose of this process is to produce new quantity of breeder seeds of grower when varieties are being circulated in market, These quantities are considered to be nuclei to produce basic seeds , and used to prevent occurring any changes varieties characters after few generations as a result of genetic segregation or any unwanted crossing or mechanical mixing during packaging phases. The technical branch in the company follows acknowledged criteria for preserving varieties like keeping isolation spaces among different varieties. After plantation in special conditions, varieties are subjected to very meticulous selection that can identify even trivial differences and, consequently, exclude plants showing these differences.
Special conditions under which varieties are planted differ according to individual species and varieties, kind and type of pollination: self pollination, partly mixed pollination, mixed pollination by insects, mixed pollination by wind and mixed pollination by wind and insects; in addition to time intervals between readiness of stigmas and opening of anthers…
The best plants are harvested, and the outcome considered breeder seeds that are used in producing nuclei seeds or basic seeds according to stages adopted for every species or variety.

6. Production of Coated seeds
As part of company's policies of seeking best technical standards, we produce coated seeds which we provide with protection and nutritional materials to raise field germination ratio and to help seeding through first steps of growth to produce strong plants that can deliver crops of standard specifications.

7. Species in circulation at Cham Gota Seeds:
a. Seeds of vegetables and grain or fodder crops:
b. Seeds of flowers and bulbs:

a. Seeds of vegetables and grain or fodder crops:
b. Seeds of flowers and bulbs:
Item (Catalogue number)
Material description
Item (Catalogue number)
Material description
Vegetable sds Thyme Alu Sachets
Flower sds Delphinium Alu Sachets
Vegetable sdsTarragon Alu Sachets   077
Flower sds Targets Erect Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Mint Alu Sachets   078
Flower sds Alyssum Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Celery Alu Sachets   079
Flower sds Garden Pansy Viola Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Chervil Alu Sachets   080
Flower sds Linum Grand flora W. Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Parsley Alu Sachets   081
Flower sds Linum Grandiflora R. Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Lettuce S. Alu Sachets   082
Flower sds Dianthus Carnation Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Lettuce B. Alu Sachets   083
Flower sds Dianthus Caryophyllus Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Spinach Alu Sachets   084
Flower sds Violet Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Chard Alu Sachets   085
Flower sds Delphinium Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Rocket Alu Sachets   086
Flower sds Delphinium Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Herb(s) Alu Sachets   087
Flower sds Delphinium Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Tomato Roma Alu Sachets   088
Flower sds Delphinium Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Tomato Alu Sachets   089
Flower sds Delphinium Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Radish S. Alu Sachets   090
Flower sds Ornamental Cabbage Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Radish L. Alu Sachets   091
Flower sds Dianthus Barbatus Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Radish B. Alu Sachets   092
Flower sds Antirrhinum Maias Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Month. Radish Alu Sachets   093
Flower sds Salvia Splendors Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Cucumber Alu Sachets   094
Flower sds Begonia Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Corrugate Alu Sachets   095
Flower sds Pelargonium Geranium Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds W.Melon Alu Sachets   096
Flower sds Calendula Officinal a Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Melon Alu Sachets   097
Flower sds Kochia Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Green Melon Alu Sachets   098
Flower sds Phlox Twin Kling Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Snake cucumber Alu Sachets   099
Flower sds Phlox Nana Compacta Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds White Onion Alu Sachets   100
Flower sds Lluffa Cylindrica Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Red Onion Alu Sachets   101
Flower sds Spanish Bean Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Egg.Black Beuty Alu Sachets   102
Flower sds Lpomoea learii Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Egg. Stripped Alu Sachets   103
Flower sds Dolichos Lablab Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Egg. Rosy Alu Sachets   104
Flower sds Mina Lobata Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Egg. Short Black Alu Sachets   105
Flower sds Sweet Pea Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Carrot Red Alu Sachets   106
Flower sds Scabiosa Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Carrot Yellow Alu Sachets   107
Flower sds Chrysanthemum Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Pepper Hot Yellow Alu Sachets   108
Flower sds Cosmos Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Pepper Hot Thin Alu Sachets   109
Flower sds Nicotiana Tabac Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Pepper Sweet thick Alu Sachets   110
Flower sds Zinnia Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Pepper Hot thick Alu Sachets   111
Flower sds Zwaelligans Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Leeks Alu Sachets   112
Flower sds Portulaca Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Asparagus Alu Sachets   113
Flower sds Stat ice Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Broccoli Alu Sachets   114
Flower sds Campanula Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Cauliflower Alu Sachets   115
Flower sds Althea Rosa Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Kohlrabi Alu Sachets   116
Flower sds Celosia Cristata Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Cabbage Alu Sachets   117
Flower sds Petunia Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Beet D.Red Alu Sachets   118
Flower sds Nasturtium Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Pumpkins Alu Sachets   119
Flower sds Asparagus Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Sweet Corn Yellow Carton Box   120
Flower sds Gypsophilla Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Artichoke Alu Sachets   121
Flower sds Cacti Cactus Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Month. Radish Carton Box   122
Flower sds Mimosa Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Squash green Carton Box   123
Flower sds Vinca Rosea Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Chard Carton Box   124
Flower sds Ricinus Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Parsley Carton Box   125
Flower sds Dahlia Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Spinach Carton Box   126
Flower sds Helianthus Abend Sonne Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Spinach Carton Box   127
Flower sds Helianthus Yellow Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Aborigine B. Carton Box   128
Flower sds Helianthus Yell.Black Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Aborigine Sh Carton Box   129
Flower sds Chrysanthemum Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Egg. Stripped Carton Box   130
Flower sds Sweet Basil Smooth Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Egg. Rosy Carton Box   131
Flower sds Sweet Basil rough Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Green Melon Alu Sachets   132
Flower sds Chamomile Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Cucumber Alu Sachets   133
Flower sds Four O`clock Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Snake Cucu.L.g. Alu Sachets   134
Flower sds Rainbow Coleus Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Snake Cucu.L.W. Alu Sachets   135
Flower sds Pepper Decoration Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Bean Climbing Carton Box   136
Flower sds Datura Metal Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Bean Dwarf Carton Box   137
Flower sds Coloured Maize Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Okra S.F. Alu Sachets   138
Flower sds Straw Berry Corn Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Okra L.F. Alu Sachets   139
Flower sds Cucurbitaceae Decorative Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Kohlrabi Alu Sachets   140
Flower sds Mini Pumpkin Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Cauliflower Alu Sachets   141
Flower sds Mini Fleskalebas Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Radish B.Wint. Carton Box   142
Flower sds Sage Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Cabbage Green Alu Sachets   143
Flower sds Solanum Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Dill Alu Sachets   144
Flower sds Strawberry Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Lettuce Alu Sachets   145
Flower sds Charthamus Alu Sachets
Vegetable sds Sweet Corn Yel. Carton Box      
Vegetable sds Sweet Corn whi. Carton Box      
Vegetable sds Coriander Carton Box      
Vegetable sds Broad Been Alu Sachets      
Vegetable sds Pea Alu Sachets      

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